Travel Recall: Seattle

Seattle Center Space Needle
The Iconic Space Needle

I am starting a new series of posts titled: Travel Recall. It will be about our travels we took before this blog. I will write all the details I could remember with help from pictures that we took. We do hope that you enjoy it and hopefully it will help you plan your future travels, too.

This time, three years ago, Ran and I went on a weekend jaunt to Seattle, Washington. I remember the dates we went because Ran was not allowed to take a day off. That was why Memorial Weekend worked for us. And also, Facebook reminded me.

I remember renting a basement studio near Downtown Seattle through VRBO. It was small but functional. But Ran really hated the bathroom because the shower stall is small and the toilet is raised up on a pedestal. We also had a car rental that weekend.

I remember hiking on our first day there. We went to Discovery Park, a 534-acre natural area park. I remember getting a map and still getting lost. But, we did not mind it because it only added about an hour to our planned hike and we ended up on a beach.

Seattle Discovery Park Hiking

I remember having lunch at Dahlia Lounge. Although I don’t remember exactly what we ordered. Then we visited Dahlia Bakery and ordered pastries. Up to this time, I still consider their Chocolate Eclair to be the best I’ve ever tried.

I remember finding out that there was a festival going on at Seattle Center. It was the Northwest Folklife Festival. I’m not too sure if we ate anything or if we just looked at stuff because it was too crowded.

I remember visiting the Chihuly Garden and Glass and being amazed by the art installations. Then, Disney Cruise Line and Bellagio came to mind. Chihuly made chandeliers for both. Everything there was pretty and delicate. I wished I could afford a Chihuly. It was too pretty.

Seattle Center Chihuly Glass and Garden

Seattle Center Chihuly Glass and Garden

I remember going up to the Space Needle and enjoying the view of Seattle.

I remember signing up for a Walking Tour of Pike Place Market on our second day. It was through Savor Seattle. All of the food and drinks we sampled were great and we found our favorites. I thought it was a great idea to do a tour because all of the stores we went to had lines out the door.

Seattle Pike Place Market Walking Tour
Pike Place Market
Seattle Pike Place Market Gum Wall
Gum Wall

I remember spending a few hours at the Seattle Aquarium and just looking at the different animals. I also remember touching a starfish. And looking at my pictures, I believe it was quite a popular thing to do there.

It was a very short (but sweet) stay. We loved everything about it, the weather, the food, the environment and the amount of things we can do on a short stay.

We have since been back to Seattle once. We went right after our Alaska cruise last year. We ate at Pike Place Chowder at Pike Place Market. That was one of the places included in the Walking Tour we took. The chowder there was unforgettable, requiring us to eat lunch there before going back home to SoCal. We can’t imagine not being back to Seattle in the near future. It’s just one of those places you can’t seem to get enough of.