Greetings! We are Jan and Ran, the authors of this website. We decided to start a blog because we wanted to have a space where we can share our stories and let our creativity flow. On this site, we will talk about different stories. But mostly about travel, food and our hobbies.

We are a husband-wife tandem. We met almost 10 years ago and married for about 4 years.

I am a Registered Nurse and a full-time student working for Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. I love planning out our travels and presenting them to Ran. I also am the Disney and cruise lover in this tandem. Ran, for the most part, just goes along with it. I like to keep busy when I travel. I make sure that I see and do a lot of things during my vacation.

Ran is an I.T. technician. He loves bowling and playing video games. He also does the driving whenever we travel. He likes to relax on vacations and hates full itineraries.

Together, we meet a happy medium. On our vacations, we compromise. Some days we have a full schedule. On some, we just stay at the hotel and relax.

Please feel free to contact us at adventuresamust@gmail.com.