Alaska Archives: Cruising with Mickey Part 4

Disney Wonder Alaska Sawyer Glacier

Day 2 of the cruise was the day of the scenic cruising through Tracy Arm Fjord reaching up to the Sawyer Glacier. We were the 2nd sailing of the Disney Wonder this Alaska season. And in contrast to the bright and sunshiny weather the DVC (Disney Vacation Club) Member cruise had a week before ours, it was gloomy and drizzling throughout our cruise. We were, after all, in Southeast Alaska.


This was also the day we were scheduled for a Princess Gathering. The Princesses that were present were Ariel, Cinderella, Belle and Rapunzel. I think it still puzzles some people why a couple like us, without kids, still take pictures with characters. First, I really love character interaction. The lines in the cruises are much better than the lines in the park and you are not subject to weather. Second, they used to accept the photo mat at Guest Services for character signatures. But they don’t do that anymore. The last 2 cruises I had with them, I had to bring my photo mat with me during character photo-ops.

Disney Cruise Phot Mat Frame Signature
All 6 of our Disney Cruise Photo Mat Signature Frames

We had lunch at Beach Blanket Buffet in Deck 9 Aft. They had a BBQ that day and we weren’t going to miss that. We had a bit of a hard time finding a place to sit because it was drizzling a bit. But, just a bit more patience helped. I also remember having pea soup and hot chocolate while we were waiting in Deck 10 Forward where the madness was happening.

Disney Wonder Alaska Tracy Arm Waterfalls
Not a bad view for lunch
Lots of pushin’ and shovin’ in this area

So, what madness am I talking about? I’m sure that for most people during the cruise, it was their first time visiting Alaska. And like everyone else in the ship, we all want awesome pictures. But, we’ve seen people staking out their spots in Deck 10 Forward since the early morning. Nobody was budging and some people we’re being very possessive and mean about their spots. And they had their big camera equipment poking people’s faces or heads. It got intense. We did not want to get involved or be part of it in anyway. We did not let it ruin our trip. I remember us taking a few pictures in that area and just leaving to go to other parts of Deck 10 and just waiting it out. In the end, the ship is going to turn around and sail out of Tracy Arm Fjord, giving everyone a chance to get a view.

My advice for this day would be to relax, walk around the ship, go to Deck 4 where the characters are walking around giving photo-ops (something that we totally missed) and go to Deck 10 in the afternoon to get a 360 degree feel of the awesomeness that is Tracy Arm Fjord and Sawyer Glacier. If you have a balcony stateroom, even better, order room-service and drink your hot chocolate. Nobody is going to push you around in your own space. When you look closely to the ice floating about in the water and you see black specks, most probably it is a harbor seal with its young. We saw a lot of them. There were also a lot of waterfalls when you look on both sides of the ship, both big and small. There is no need to stay in one spot the whole day and miss everything that is going on around you. There was also some narration voiced-over the inside of the ship by the Alaska Expert.

Disney Wonder Alaska Tracy Arm
Everywhere you look, you see beauty


Our ship did not get too close to the glacier because there was still lots of ice floating in the water. We were the 2nd Disney sailing for that season, so that was not a surprise to us. And also, being cloudy and gloomy all day, you can actually see the blue color of the glacier.



Disney Wonder Alaska Sawyer Glacier

This is how 9PM looks like in Southeast Alaska
Disney Wonder Alaska Tracy Arm
Calm waters of the Inside Passage

Tracy Arm Day felt like a long one. But we couldn’t close our eyes for a second because we were surrounded by all this beauty and we want to see a lot, if not all. At the end of the day, we were cold, soaked but happy. Yes, definitely happy!

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