Hiking The Ocean Trails: Endless Pacific Ocean Views

Ocean Trails Pacific Ocean Rancho Palos Verdes
Who could resist that view?

I rarely get a Saturday off. If I am not scheduled on a weekend, I always end up adding myself on the schedule. But the past Saturday was different because I got cancelled from the shift due to the low patient census of the hospital. Good for the overall health of the population, bad for the Healthcare business. Hence, employees getting cancelled.

So, I made Ran promise to go hiking with me in Rancho Palos Verdes if I get cancelled. He agreed. So, when I found out I was off, I woke him up early and headed off to the Ocean Trails. It is right by the Trump National Golf Club. The trails actually crisscross with the paths for the golf carts. If you ever come here, watch out for signs that says “Only for Golf Carts”. And if you look closely on the colors of the paved pathway, you’ll see that they’re different.

From the parking lot, the trail starts off paved with cement. As you head towards the cliff and onto the trails leading down to the cove or beach, it becomes dirt trails. We really like heading down to the beach and coming back up because we get to exercise our legs more.





It was about a 90-minute hike. We could’ve done more if we wanted to. But Ran was tired. We were wearing our Fitbit and it said we did 8500 steps and 47 floors!

We were amazed by this hiking trail. We came to exercise and we got sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean. Catalina Island was also in view.


We decided to check out the Omelette and Waffle Shop in San Pedro since we haven’t had breakfast yet. Their menu was very extensive. It took a while for us to decide what we were going to order. I ordered the Mona’s Favorite that has baked chicken, broccoli, spinach, melted Jack cheese and teriyaki sauce on top. Ran got the San Pedro Hobo which had ground beef, onion, spinach, bell pepper, tomato, melted Jack cheese and sour cream on top. They were both great and filling. It’s a good thing we decided not to order the Chilaquiles because we were too full after the omelettes. Parking was difficult. They had a very small parking space on the side of the restaurant. And, being along a residential street, you’re lucky if you’re able to park. But do not let that deter you from trying this place. Just a little more patience will help. Because the service is fast, there’s almost a non-existing wait for the tables or bar, unless you’re a bigger group.

It was a lovely day overall. Hopefully we could exercise outdoors more when I’m off on the weekends.


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