Alaska Archives: Cruising with Mickey Part 3

Dressed to the nines just like Minnie

Day 1 of this cruise is a Day at Sea. For us, that equates to Palo Brunch. Palo is a specialty restaurant aboard Disney ships. It is not part of the main dining rotation and can be booked online or while on board if available. It is strictly adults-only and a dress code is enforced. This is how their website describes it:

Savor classic Northern Italian cooking with a modern twist at this chic adult-exclusive restaurant—it’s a feast for the senses! –

Palo brunch is only available on sea days while Palo dinner is available every night. We usually like to book as early as we could so if we wanted to eat there again, we would have a chance towards the end of the cruise. Dress code for brunch is more relaxed compared to dinner. I usually wear short dresses and sandals while I wear cocktail dresses for dinner. Ran wears polo shirt type of tops for brunch and go for a dress shirt and black slacks with no tie for dinner. A fee of $30 per person is charged with brunch and dinner.


Brunch comes with a free Mimosa
What I wore for Palo Brunch

We love Palo brunch so much for the selection of foods. It is served buffet-style and you can also order hot foods. The best part is that they do not limit you to one hot food. They make you try other items. Chicken Parmigiana is their blockbuster item. But I also order their amazing Cold Strawberry Soup. The dessert table is nothing short of amazing. My husband and I make sure to get different desserts so we could try different things.

After brunch, we went to our ticketed Frozen Character Meet and Greet and met some more characters around the ship. We like hanging out at the adult section of the pool deck to take a nap, so that’s what we did. For some reason, we always get fulfilling naps and a sound sleep when we’re on the ship. I think it has something to do with the rocking of the ship. It lulls us to sleep.

Olaf Disney Cruise Alaska 2015
Olaf loves warm hugs
Princess Anna and Elsa of Arendelle

At night, we had Palo Dinner. We missed our Main Dining rotation. But it was only for one night, so that was okay. Dinner was much more dressier and it is ala-carte. We make it a point to try different entrees’ on their menu but we stick to the same appetizers and desserts. We always get the Calamari for our app and the much talked-about Chocolate Souffle’ for dessert. Now, I have tried a lot of souffle’s in my life. But Palo’s is my number one. Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion is a close second.

A jacket is not required for Palo
I wore the same shoes for brunch and dinner











Amazing Chocolate Souffle’

And that folks, is a recap of how our first Day at Sea went. It was very relaxing and revived us of our energy for tomorrow’s scenic cruising along Tracy Arm Fjord and Sawyer Glacier.

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