Why We’re Excited For Our Danube River Christmas Market Cruise


So, we are headed to Europe for a Danube River Christmas Market Cruise in late November. We are sailing with AmaWaterways on the AmaSerena. No particular reason for choosing AmaWaterways except that it fits our dates. This will be our first time cruising on a river.

Here are our reasons for why we’re really excited:

  1. It is our first time in Europe. We’ve never set foot on European soil. Everything will be new to us and there will be nothing to compare it to. Who doesn’t want new adventures?
  2. It is a Christmas Market River Cruise. And I (Jan) love Christmas. I am a sucker for Christmas season. I decorate my room, my door, and have my own Christmas tree outside my room. I listen to Christmas music as soon as Kost 103.5 starts playing them non-stop. Christmas is awesome!
  3. We will be visiting three countries, six river ports, all in seven days!20160518_211419
  4. The idea of not having to pack and unpack every time we have to go to another place eliminates most of the stress of traveling. I have to admit that packing/unpacking is agonizing for me. I was never good at keeping my luggage and things organized enough and I always end up overpacking.
  5. We would love to sample regional food and beverages (wines and beer). But we do not know where to start. If AmaWaterways sticks to what they say on their brochure, we will be able to do just that. We love eating and we are always up to trying new cuisine.

#AsiaEurope2016 can’t come soon enough!


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