Alaska Archives: Cruising with Mickey Part 2

Saying “Goodbye” to Vancouver for now…

We started this trip by flying into Seattle, Washington and taking the Amtrak to Vancouver, Canada. The train arrived at around 10 PM. We stayed the night at a family friend’s house about 15 minutes outside of Downtown Vancouver.

The next day, we checked in at Days Inn Downtown Vancouver, left our luggage inside the room and set off to walk around Downtown. The hotel we checked into was a stone’s throw away from Canada Place, where we disembark for our cruise, and more importantly, near a Tim Horton’s! We walked around the port and we got to see (for the second time) the winter Olympics torch.


On the day of embarkation, we woke up pretty early. Got our breakfast. And decided, we were going to walk around the port for some early morning exercise. We got to see the Disney Wonder pulling into the port. Now, that got us more excited.

The “wonderful” Disney Wonder pulling into port

As we were going about our walk, we decided to go straight through to Stanley Park and see the Totem poles. It was a great walk and when we got to the Totem Poles we were the only ones there. From this area of Stanley park, one can also get a nice view of Downtown Vancouver. I think the walk was about 3 miles total.

Downtown Vancouver Skyline from Stanley Park

When the time came to embark, we walked from our hotel to Canada place. It was about a 5 minute walk, two streets to cross and a ramp. That was the reason I chose to book here, for the convenience of just walking to port. It was not bad at all. Or at least, Ran was not mad about it. Other than a line full of excited Disney cruisers, embarkation was painless. they even had chairs while we were in line.

The first order of business once we boarded the Disney Wonder was for Ran to be in line at Guest Services for character tickets while I get our Palo brunch and dinner reservations changed. It all worked out and we were on our way to Parrot Cay for embarkation lunch soon after. After lunch, we got into out stateroom, which was an inside. No surprises there. The Safety Drill was scheduled at 4 PM. This was the first time we were stationed on Deck 4, so we were able to see the inside of a lifeboat. Pretty thrilling! As soon as we got done with that, we headed towards Deck 10 for the Sail-Away Party with the characters. The weather was gloomy and it was drizzling a little bit. But we persisted because it is tradition for us to always attend and listen for the ship horn signalling the start or our trip.

Disney Wonder Lifeboat

That was how our Embarkation Day went. Stay tuned to read more about our Alaska Adventures aboard the Disney Wonder.

If you missed Part 1 of this series, please click this link: Alaska Archives: Cruising with Mickey Part 1


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