Travel Plans For 2016

“Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.” -Dalai Lama

We live by this quote. Ran and I believe that traveling to a different place every year makes us richer. And just imagine the stories you tell when you get back from your vacation. Travel is that something that you spend money on and yet you come back even wealthier than before you started.

This year, we are planning for our longest vacation so far. I will be away from home for 28 days. On the other hand, Ran is away for about 22 days. Now, don’t think we will be vacationing separately. I will simply be getting a head start. As a nurse (or at least where I work), it’s easier to ask for vacation days. I work 12-hour shifts 3 days a week, while Ran has weekends off.

We are tagging this year’s grand vacation as #AsiaEurope2016. We are hitting 2 Asian countries (South Korea, Philippines) and 6 European countries (Hungary, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, France and UK). Originally, we were only going to Europe for a Christmas Market river cruise. Then, Ran’s cousin invited us to her wedding in the Philippines. And, we just have to go to South Korea while we’re at it because we love Korean food and culture. And by culture, I mean Korean dramas and music. Vacation starts the week before Thanksgiving holiday.

We are both anxious and excited about this vacation. I love Christmas season. And, to experience this in different countries with the love of my life will be amazing.

This June, though, I will be flying to Florida with my friends and their families for a week. We will be in Orlando for 4 days and 2 days in Key West. I have been to Key West once as a port of call for a Caribbean cruise and to Orlando, 4 times. I know. Some people gasp at the idea of an adult being excited to go back to Walt Disney World. But, believe it or not, there’s always something new to experience there. We don’t have kids. But Ran and I enjoy it a lot. This time will be a little different though as Ran won’t be able to go because of work. I will be with friends and their kids.

Occasionally, we will do road trips for a weekend (Las Vegas for Ran’s Bowling league) and tour local areas (family and friends visiting So. Cal.). Join us in planning and seeing our travels through.

We hope you enjoy our future posts and please feel free to comment. We would like to get to know other travelers!




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